Teletherapy for Moms


Your Mental Health Matters Like Never Before

Teletherapy for the Busy (stressed, pressed, & depressed)Mom

This COVID-19 crisis was the last thing you needed.  Your plate was already full, well actually overflowing! Now juggling life has been turned into struggling with life! It all feels like madness and you don't know how you will keep up or avoid going crazy! 

Your mental health matters more than ever before! As a therapist, I have helped countless moms and moms-to-be improve and master their thoughts and emotions during the most difficult and challenging times in their lives by assisting them in gaining "tools for their toolbox;" that is, gaining insight, develop better coping skills, teaching them mindfulness, self-compassion, identifying solutions, and more.  With these tools these moms have gone from overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out to calm, cool, and collected. These women themselves are often shocked at how they were able to achieve what once seemed impossible; getting the chaos of their lives under control and moving in the right direction. I feel certain I can help you too!  Together, let's create a plan so that everyone's needs get met during this difficult time; including your own! Schedule your free phone consult today (see top of the page) and allow me to share with you how I work with moms using telehealth.

Get Your Questions about Teletherapy Answered...

Schedule your Free 20 Minute Free Consult by clicking at the top of the screen and get scheduled today.  If videocounseling is not a good fit, I will assist you in finding more suitable counseling or therapy alternatives; either with me or another qualified therapist or mental health professional!  What do you have to lose?

Therapy from Wherever it Makes Sense to You

If you have a secure, reliable connection and space for privacy, telehealth can be a game changer in working with a qualified therapist to meet your mental health needs.  Schedule your free 20 minute phone consult now to find out more.  (Click at top of screen to book)

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