VideoCounseling for Busy Moms


What is VideoCounseling?

Do you know you would benefit from talking with someone but your schedule prevents it?  Are you just too busy to get the help you want and need?  The truth is, sometimes moms simply can't get to a counseling session because of their schedule or obligations.  Videocounseling (also called telehealth)  allows busy moms to take care of their family obligations and themselves!  Appointments are available mornings, evenings and even naptime!  All you need is a reliable connection and a private space of your choosing! We meet face-to-face over a secure network the same as it would work if you came into the office!

Is VideoCounseling a Good Fit for You???

VideoCounseling is an excellent option for some, but not all moms.  By filling out the form below, we can arrange a brief, no obligation information session where we can discuss what option would be best suited for you!  If videocounseling is not a good fit, I will assist you in finding more suitable counseling or therapy alternatives; either with me or another qualified therapist or mental health professional!  What do you have to lose?

Quality Counseling from Anywhere you have a Secure Connection & Privacy

An informed consent will be sent to you outlining details specific to privacy and confidentiality relative to video-counseling and engaging in mental health counseling services

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Whatever is necessary for a child, is also necessary for a mother!

You matter and deserve to be cared for too!

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