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Plotting a New Course for Your(self) in Motherhood Using Therapy & Coaching

How Combining Coaching & Counseling Works to Get You Moving in the Direction You Want to Go!

The Best of Talk Therapy & Coaching

  • Learn how to be in better control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Discover ways to balance what you need, while also being a "good mom"
  • Identify and change mental blocks which keep you repeating the same behaviors over and over
  • Learn how to reduce and eliminate guilt in your daily life
  • Gain clarity and increase your sense of confidence and competence in handling tough mothering challenges
  • Discover how to increase your energy, combat mental and physical exhaustion, and have a more peaceful and calm daily life
  • Create more of what you want and eliminate what's not working as mom and as a self

Rediscovering Your Best Self in Your Role as a Mom

"Being a mom" comes with all sorts of things we never planned or anticipated.  It also makes life complicated (as, well, you know). Our whole life revolves around "being a mom," which is often good and other times packed with a punch; filling us with thoughts, emotions, restrictions, judgments, and contradictions which are hard to navigate or make sense of. Sometimes, in this noisy, demanding, and fast paced life, we need to stop and really hear ourselves think, rediscover our priorities, and figure out how to make sense of it all.

That's where I come in

I draw from three main areas in my work with moms; as a counselor, I pull from all the evidenced-based counseling methods to work on the inside stuff: that is, how you are thinking, feeling, reacting and responding to what is going on. Next, I draw from the world of family therapy to look at the outside and in-between stuff; that is, your relationships, your family-of-origin influences, your broader world of work, play, family life, and culture and how it effects and influences you. Finally, I utilize my training and background from life coaching to help you take decisive action and move beyond something that just occurs in my office, to something you take back into your life and can actually use the other 167 hours of the week.

Types of Issues I Have Helped Moms Navigate

  • Working moms guilt;
  • Addressing anxiety, stress, and depression and their affects on parenting;
  • Navigating separation and divorce and managing the emotional fallout;
  • Managing the stress, anxiety, and resentment of being the primary caregiver in a two-working parent home;
  • Returning to work after having a baby;
  • Conflict and ambiguity about becoming a mom;
  • Struggles with adolescent and adult children;
  • Family-of-origin conflicts.

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I offer therapy in my Hollywood Florida location which is a short drive from Aventura.  Want to avoid the commute? Consider Videocounseling as an option where you can meet with me over a secure HIPAA compliant platform. 

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