See if I am the best therapist for you?

The Best Therapist Depends on Many Things; Most Importantly YOU!

When you start therapy, you are starting a new (professional) relationship.  Like any relationship, it's only going to work if it is with someone you connect with, feel comfortable around, and trust. What may be a good fit for one person, may not be a good fit for another. Because of this, I offer a 20 minute, no obligation, meet and greet style phone consult. This phone consult provides you the opportunity to get your questions answered and get a sense of who I am, how I might help, and how comfortable you would be coming in and working with me. Many of my clients have shared this initial call made them calmer and took the pressure off them coming in for their first session.


One of the hardest things can be to make the initial phone call. What do I say? What should I ask?  What will it cost? It can feel so awkward that many either don't call or hang up before leaving a message? Then another day goes by and another! To ease the process, all you have to do is schedule your 20 minute consult and wait for our call. During the call I will find out a little about your situation and what you want to change, share with you how I work and the structure for therapy, and go over fees, scheduling, etc. and answer your questions.  By the end of the call, we will both know if we are a good match!  Easy, peesy!

Booking Your Consultation

Click the banner at the top of this screen and follow the prompts.  I offer a variety of times and days to fit your needs.